N-Cycle I-DP MTB-8-M

product number: I-DP MTB-8-M

Product Feature


 前端 & 尾端皆為條形設計的獨立結構,為「高壓力變化氣室」— 支撐臀骨及尾椎骨
 中間大面積,為「低壓力變化氣室」— 保護恥骨

3M Reflective Logo Label, for safety night riding

Breathable Sandwich Mesh, breathable and not stuffy

Extra High Density Foam, offering a good balance between softness and support, long-term use without deformation

Detachable Design could separate the saddle and cove for anti-theft and easy cleaning, and you can change different cover's color according to your preference

Detachable Design also doesn't need to use solvent for environment friendly, and have no degumming problem.

Modern streamline design

For Eco-friendly we reduce the production process for low carbon emission

Combine two colors (sandwich mesh cloth and black sandwich mesh cloth) to increase streamline design


TPU Air Cushion


Grid Non Toxic PER Non Slip Mat

Extra High Density Urethane Foam

3M Reflective Logo Label

Breathable Sandwich Mesh

Product Dimensions


275 x 170 mm

around 320 g

Suitable for

Mountain Bikes

How to clean?

Detachable: You could separate the saddle and cover when you want to wash your N-Cycle I-DP MTB-8-M Cover

Washable: Could use washing machine for cleaning


Black / Red / Orange / Blue / Gry / Yellow